In order to assist you in the optimal preparation for the application process, different workshops on various topics ranging from career planning, to application process and job entry will be offered at the CONTACT2019.

All workshops take place in small groups in a relaxed atmosphere and are free of charge for everyone.

Since we want to ensure an efficient training, the number of participants is limited. Workshop registration is still possible at the day of the CONTACT2019, although a share of the spots is allotted online prior to the job fair. Depending on the availability registration is possible on site at the workshop registration desk. In case the workshop is fully booked assignment to a waiting list is possible.


1. Online: Registration on 30.04.2019 at 10am

2. On the day of the job fair: Depending on the availability, further places will be assigned at the workshop registration desk from 9:00 a.m.

Attention: All registered participants including those on the waiting list meet 15 minutes prior to the indicated start time in the foyer. In case of nonappearance the reservation expires and the spot is re-assigned according to the waiting list. 

Please note that every visitor can attend one workshop only.

Further information is available at the CONTACT2019 at the workshop registration desk from 9:00 a.m. or via email: info [at]

Online-Registration on 30.04.2019 at 10am. Further places will be available at the CONTACT2019.

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Titel des Workshops Sprache Veranstalter

Networking with(out) LinkedIn

Gehaltsverhandlung zum Berufseinstieg - Wie verdiene ich mehr Geld?

Professionelles Bewerben. Todsünden und Tugenden

My own Startup - but how should I do it?

Die Macht der Sprache: Kommunikationstraining für den erfolgreichen Berufseinstieg

Kommunikationstraining für den erfolgreichen Berufseinstieg

Assessment Center Training